Epic sleepover!! :))) Sabaw moments!! :p

The night we dressed up and made a “Call me, maybe?” video…just because. Hahahahaha!! :D



Rica’s birthday salubong!! *Stranded style!! :)))

If you’re from the Philippines, you would know how much of a disaster last week was. It was hella stressful for me though I didn’t have first hand experience with the flood. I got stranded at Rica’s place due to the heavy rain and flood in our area as well. I was up for 2 days, sleeping only for an hour or two (just because my head hurts really bad already), trying to get rescue boats for my family. They were trapped inside the house because of the flood and I wanted so badly to get them out of there.

Thank God, on the 8th, they were able to leave. Special thanks to the help of someone (though you asked my parents to pay) who used the top of a car as a boat. To me, you’re still an angel and may God continue to bless your soul. :)

Anyway, I was really thankful that my family was able to get out safe and sound in time for Rica’s birthday. God knows it would be really hard for us to celebrate if my family was still trapped.

But papa God was soooo good and awesome!! :D

I now got myself focused on making my fabulous sister happy on her birthday. It was quite disappointing though that I couldn’t buy pretty cupcakes anywhere so when she decided she wants to get cup noodles and feel all Korean, I was sooooo game for that! :))))

We went down to Ministop, which was thankfully in the building, got a cupcake, a candle (the one you use during brownouts :p) and asked Kuya Ministop and some random kuya to sing “Happy Birthday” Hahahahaha :))) Then we got ramen and indulged on 2ne1 and Bigbangs’s concert on youtube!!

Awesome night. Thank you God. :*

Happy, happy birthday to one of my best friends, my most fabulous and glamorous sister and to one amazing designer!!! Keep rocking the world!!!!

You know I love you forever. :*