Hangoveroveroverrrrrrr!! :)))))

I told you I had more pictures to share!! Here’s more from my Boracay experience!!

Upon arriving at Kalibo, we stayed at Suburbia Garden Hotel. It was a little far from the airport and you might miss it if you won’t be alert enough to read the signs. Aslo, if you happen to be brought to the front gate facing the street, then for sure you’ll start having thoughts of your first day in Kalibo as part of a horror film. Hahaha! But I advise you to keep calm, stop, look and listen (hahahaha), because no it’s not a haunted hotel where you’ll come out as an abobo afterwards, the real entrance is actually at the side and it’s definitely a better view.

It was a really nice hotel, especially for it’s cheap price. My friends and I only paid 250 each for the night, and that’s inclusive of the Wifi and unlimited yummy coffee! I kid you not, they have one of the best tasting coffees I’ve tried. Plus, the best thing about the place is the owner was super nice!! He even gave us free rambutans before we head to the beeeeeeeaaaach!!!!