Kamoleee Sunday :)

No amount of time apart can ever define true friendship and I’m thankful for all my few, but true friends – Kamolee being one.

I’ve only been best friends with her for a year and a half. We don’t really have the typical “we grew up together” kind of story nor the “we went to the same school and were together every single day for years” type. It was more of an incidental shiz – when you find yourself at the toughest and most depressing part of your life and you’re suddenly surrounded with people you didn’t expect to walk with you through the pain. But as they say, some good things happen quite unexpectedly. Realizations like this leave you all grateful that true friends exist.

After about 3 months of not seeing each other, we finally stole some time away from our busy schedules to catch up on each other’s lives.


We filled our stomachs with healthy food from Kenny Rogers and treated ourselves to a cup of coffee and a carrot cupcake from Vanilla Cupcakes.

We may not be in the same “happy cloud” in our lives right now, but I’m sure we’ll get through anything positively. I know one day, we’ll see each other again, both with blissful hearts and probably on a double date out of town. Haha! Until then, our adventures, as best friends, will always be marvelous, exciting and completely bonkers!

Photos by Kamole Orense (except for her photo -that’s me – hahaha!)


For My Love ♥

Our love was lost.. In the ramble are all the things that you’ve, you’ve been dreaming of.. Keep me in mind, when you’re ready.. I am here, to take you every time.

Our love was lost, but now we’ve found it. ♥ #tempertrap

“Hanging” Out at Work

Nowadays, I really appreciate it that I get to meet a lot of people who love dressing up as much as I do. I don’t think there was ever a point in my life that I never appreciated fashion. Although, true enough, I don’t stand out as the ultimate “fashionista”, but I know I do like the whole concept of mixing and matching, and looking fab, and that to me, goes beyond what magazines tell us to wear, or the brands that are hype and mainstream.

I won’t go “hipster” though, saying that I will never buy anything from ZARA, Topshop and the like. Heaven knows I would trade sleeping if I can get enough moolah to shop in those stores. All I’m saying is, fashion isn’t only for the rich people. With a lot of creativity, anyone can look gorgeous, no matter what the price of your outfit is.

Gab (one of my good friends) is one of those people I look up to as a “fashionista”. She rocks in mixing thrift shop pieces with her not so cheap finds. Being my ever so reliable fashionable friend and now officially my “outfit of the day” buddy, we started this day with a little photo shoot to record our Wednesday outfit.


Today, I wore a plain black shirt (which I literally cut to turn it into a cropped top), a navy blue skirt with frills from Greenhills, my “one size bigger” black booties from Forever 21, and my cat eye fabulous shades, a gift from Gab.

Back story…

On a Sunday date with my boyfriend, we passed by Topshop at BGC and I fell head over heels in love with the different cropped tops. Because I don’t have enough money to splurge, and because I am saving up for a new phone, I conquered my “shopaholic” tendencies and left the shop heartbroken. When I got home, I was motivated to work on something to get myself a cropped top. I searched my closet for shirts I don’t often use, and voila! – the product of drive, passion, and of course, an empty wallet. Hahaha!

image (1)

Happy Wednesday!

Photos by Gab Buganan