On Press Launches – Skora Running Shoes

This is my long overdue post about the first ever press launch I’ve attended as the Editorial Assistant of MultiSport Philippines. :)

I’d have to say Quorum Group has definitely made an impact as to how press launches should be done. Since I formerly organize events as such, I honestly found the launch well organized, informative and entertaining.



Upon arriving, we were immediately greeted by Mr. Toby (the man behind Toby’s Sports, RunnR and Move Store at BGC) . He was very friendly and approachable and interviewing him didn’t seem like a task at all. It was such a breeze and I really appreciate that he took time to answer all my questions even before the actual event starts.


The rest of their team were also very nice and I felt the efforts extended to make everyone enjoy the occasion. I think it’s a huge factor to back up your world-class products with world-class service from your people as well. In entrepreneurship, you can never go too far with just one of those two to carry along with you. I’m pretty sure Quorum Group has packed both on their luggage. :)

On to the product, the Skora running shoes sounded really amazing, and it looked pretty awesome too. I like the shoes’ aesthetics and the fact that it’s super light. I would think it’s almost like running on barefoot! One thing I loved about it too, is the fact that it’s guaranteed not to give you blisters even if you don’t wear it with socks. I’m not much of a socks person and I think its something cool to have running shoes that will spare you from all the hassle. Some runners just don’t find it convenient to wear socks when running. I’m no runner but I guess I’m just part of that group and I would love to run minus the lack of comfort I get with socks around. I guess I’m just weird that way. Haha! Thus, I think it was quite easy for me to fall in love with the shoes.

To my surprise, in line with their goal to really let us experience for ourselves the advantages of the said product, they gave all the event’s attendees a pair of Skora running shoes to test out and prove whether its claims are true or just some other marketing strategy.


It was a super kilig moment when I got my pair of the Skora running shoes, and I was absolutely too thrilled to use it!!! :)

I’ll let you in on how it worked for me, knowing they already got me with the “guaranteed no blisters” statement. Hahaha!

For now, I’d just like to thank Quorum Group and Skora for my running kicks! :)

Photos from RunnR’s Facebook Page


The Silver Lining

I’ve been through quite a lot of crap recently. And, I confess, feeling uninspired and tired may have gotten the best of me these past few days. I can’t tell if it’s the cliche “mid-life crisis” shiz that’s trying to eat me up, but I can only confirm that, yes, as weird as it may sound, I kind of feel unsatisfied. Maybe it’s because it’s that time of the month or maybe because I find the future a little blurry, it’s starting to scare me.

Nevertheless, I have decided to just stop thinking. I know negative thoughts lead you to acting negatively and acting negatively leads to, well obviously negative things and negative situations. Although I love playing drama queen to get “lambings” {hihihi} from my boyfriend, I do hate drama in general. On that note, again, I just want to let go of all frustrating thoughts. It ain’t going to be easy, but for sure it’ll be something I’ll thank myself for, someday.

To start the good vibes flowing, despite the shitload of problems that came my way, I feel really happy to be blessed with an amazing boyfriend, a super caring mom and true friends that make life so much better! :) It may sound like a complete joke, but I really do thank God for the crappy things, because everyday they remind you that awesome ones exist.

In addition, I just got a peak into the results of my Abe’s Philippine Duathlon Series race, and I’m overjoyed to find out he ranked 17 in his age group!!!! I’m a super happy, super proud and super in love girlfriend!! :) :) :)


In terms of work, I feel really blessed to have Gab as one of my colleagues. Aside from always being there in good times and in bad times, she also always showers me with her blessings!! Super generous baby sister!

After her shoot for the pretty Snoe Beauty Inc. products, she gave me a lipstick and a lip and cheek tint to add to my humble collection. Hahaha! I love it that Snoe’s lipstick is long lasting and it’s such a bonus that they have really adorable packaging.

Moreover, I also got pretty lucky when I covered the Indoor Duathlon at Fitness and Athletics yesterday – I won awesome Yurbuds earphones!!!!!!! :) #incrediblyhappykid

I’ve been eyeing on buying new earphones ever since, and it was really a treat that I got it already – libre na, sosyal pa! Hahahaha! Many, many thanks to Yurbuds and to Bike King, the organizers of the said race. :)

image (2)

In conclusion, God is definitely good, as in always. He never fails to make me feel blessed and He always finds a way to pump me up and make me see the silver lining in all things difficult in this world.

I am forever humbled, and grateful. :)

Anyway, in a totally unrelated topic, I’d like to share what I wore for work today. I was going for a “photographer” kind of look, but I think I ended up looking like a rock star. Oh well, I think at some point in my life, I did dream of becoming the princess of rock and roll! Hahaha!

Top from FAB found at Robinson’s Galleria Department Store, skirt and booties both from Forever 21, denim jacket from a thrift shop in Edsa, and messenger bag from Dorothy Perkins

Evening Thoughts ♥

“What did you think the first time you saw me?”
“I thought you were the most beautiful girl I ever saw.”
“Were you disappointed when you got to know me?”
“How can you ask that?”
“I’m such a mess.”
“I love your mess.”
“The first time I saw you I thought look at that boy I’m going to love him forever and ever and ever.”
“What if you get sick of me?”
“I wont. Promise.”
– Ruby Sparks (2012)

Oh Happy Day! :)

Last Monday, the boyfie decided to go on leave because I was scheduled for my “vacay” leave too! Yay!! Such a sweet, sweet boy!! Hihihi {bats eyelashes}

To free ourselves from the hustle and bustle we normally experience in the metro, we went for a little trip to the south. It wasn’t that far, but enough for some chill environment and for serenity to embrace us.

We watched Despicable Me 2, and I absolutely loved the movie!! My favorite part would definitely be the minions singing I swear! Hahahaha!! It was too adorable for words! I also loved the whole story. I’m so happy Gru found Lucy!! So kilig!!

After some window shopping, my Abe surprised me with merienda at my happy place – Vanilla Cupcake Bakery!!!!!! The Alabang branch is sooooooo pretty!!!!

photo 3

Unfortunately, I was coughing like a mad dog so he didn’t allow me to have cupcakes, instead we got Strawberry Panna Cotta – which is now my ultimate favorite in the whole wide milky way!! Hahaha!! I also got a free pass for some milkshakes {giddy, giddy, giddy me}. I got Pink Strawberry, while Abe got the Naughty Nutella shake. He liked mine better! Hihihi! It was super delicious and all natural. I can feel lots of strawberry bits on my shake! – PERFECT!

photo 4

More kulitan photos with my love.


Photos by Abraham Domingo (except photos of him, haha)