Reading taught me to travel through my mind, but my soul yearns to explore the world with my own feet.

It was year 2012 when I discovered happiness through saying yes to all the trips I got invited to.

It was probably misery that triggered me to move and to go as far as I can from the memories, but apart from escaping reality, I was hungry to discover new things, to surprise myself with unknown capabilities, and to appreciate the world I’m living in.

I have no regrets since then.

September 2012 | Boracay

It seemed surreal since I never thought I would one day have enough money to pay for a trip to one of the most beautiful beaches in the country. It was way out of my budget but I realized sometimes you just have to give a little more to get something money can’t buy–happiness, fulfillment and memories.

December 2012 | Mt. Pico de Loro, Cavite

I think one of the bravest trips I said yes to was climbing a mountain–for the first time–with my two-month old friends, Haha! I signed up for a travel show (which sadly was never aired) and met three awesome people–Japo, Chad, and Niko. We were inseparable during taping days and we just magically clicked despite our different personalities. We called each other “super friends” and we all embraced our love for traveling.

This trip is definitely one of the best since a lot of memorable things happened. We went trekking for five hours, got lost and ended up in an undiscovered camp site, cooked hotdogs and spaghetti, smoked weed, and woke up to a mesmerizing and breathtaking view. It was such a “thank you so much God” moment.

January 2013 | La Union

I was incredibly excited when Niko proposed that we go surfing. I’ve never surfed before so I was thrilled to try something new. Learning how to stand on the board was such an achievement! It was then that I fell in love with surfing and I promised myself I would one day be good at this sport.

Aside from surfing, it was such a fun trip because we were all so game with anything and everything. We slept at the car during the early morning of day one because we totally didn’t expect the hotels to be fully booked. So for day two, we were so lucky to find a kubo for rent, which I think was super cool!

January 2013 | Nuvali

Also my first time to go wakeboarding! This one is for the travel show I was part of back then. I wasn’t able to accomplish an awesome ride, therefore, I shall return. Haha!

November 2013 | San Miguel, Bulacan

One awesome adventure through caves and mountains! This trip was made special because I shared it with my boyfriend! We were also with our friends from work, Xan and Dino, and new found adorable friends Jin and Situ. I appreciate how Dino took time to really plan this trip and introduce us to the beauty of nature. A lot happened but I think the best part was sharing it with fun and awesome people. I felt really blessed for that.

This 2014, I vow to get richer with memories and new experiences as I continue to satisfy my desire to travel.


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