Someone’s missing the beach..

I miss you, Boracay.



I’ll definitely see you again.


Evening Thoughts ♥

“What did you think the first time you saw me?”
“I thought you were the most beautiful girl I ever saw.”
“Were you disappointed when you got to know me?”
“How can you ask that?”
“I’m such a mess.”
“I love your mess.”
“The first time I saw you I thought look at that boy I’m going to love him forever and ever and ever.”
“What if you get sick of me?”
“I wont. Promise.”
– Ruby Sparks (2012)

A Quarter of a Century ♥

My friend Martin always has a way to make things sound so “huge and important”. Haha! So, he messaged me on the day of my birthday, asking how does it feel to live for a quarter of a century. I didn’t reply. Hahaha! (Sorry, Martin)

But, it did got me thinking. Wow, a quarter of a century eh? The sound of it really makes it so valuable, so remarkable and so momentous. I feel like “Woah! So how does it feel, Caramel?”

To be honest, I’d say it feels incredible!

I know I still have a lot of goals unaccomplished, a whole bunch of stuff on my bucket list and some dreams still left on dream land. But, I feel so blessed that at this stage of my life, at the time when I celebrated my 25th year, I feel alive, superbly happy and accomplished.

I might not be rich and famous, but I’ve got priceless gifts to thank God for. And for this entry, I’d just like to take a look back and appreciate everything that makes life oh so  fabulous and worth celebrating!

1. I’m alive,and I have a healthy body that allows me to do anything I want.

2. I’ve got an amazing and supportive family.

3. I have crazy, wonderful and beautiful friends.

4. I have the most awesome love of my life (boyfriend) who supports me in everything I do.

5. My work is my dream job and I’m surrounded by creative and smart people 5 times a week!

6. I was able to go surfing, wakeboarding and wall climbing this year!

7. I was able to visit Boracay and climb Pico de Loro last year!

8. I got the best running shoes without spending a single centavo.

9. I was able to get my boyfriend a watch to help him when training.

10. I’m able to meet a lot of new and interesting people!

11. My articles got published!

There’s really so much more I’d like to add to this list but I think the bottom line is, I’m just so thankful for everything because I have an amazing God! – Thank you!! :)

Happy Silver Birthday to me! :)

Greetings from a 25 year old me! I have officially put my baby pink crown to rest (to pass on to my future princess) and was recently crowned with a silver tiara! Hahaha!

25 doesn’t feel so different from 24, but I do get the whole “life is a different story now” kind of thing. I guess, as you enter “adulthood” and get all “certified/official”, the universe decides to shower you with more challenges and just a few more obstacles to surpass. I refuse to take such “humps along the way” negatively though.

Growing up, I’ve realized struggles are there to keep you closer to God, to the people who truly care, and to make you stronger, better and more awesome, or sometimes just to add a little spice to your life! Imagine if life would always be “too good to be true”, how in the world are you going to know where to improve nor how to fully appreciate all the amazing things life offers? Like a scrumptious and truly enjoying box of pizza – when you always have access to eat it everyday? – diba? Hehe :)


Happy Birthday to me!!! My 25th year is going to be super fabulous and incredibly happy!!!

Photos by Jilson Tiu